Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

Chair         Robin Furneaux      670442
Vice-chair Simon Porter            678056

Clerk         Corinne Hill              01926 641220
David Brummell              670938  
Clare Buchanan              678007
Anthea Court            680342 
Gillian Smith                    678759

Meetings are held in the village hall on the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm

Due to the resignation of Jane Phillips there is a vacancy on the Parish Council.  Applicants are asked to contact the Parish Clerk Corinne Hill, Gaydon Fields Farm, Gaydon, Warwicks CV35 0HF 
[Tel 01926 641220 email]




An Assembly of the Parish Meeting for the above-named Parish will

be held at the Village Hall, Shenington


On Wednesday, 17th May 2017 at 7.30pm


The business to be transacted at the meeting will be as follows:


                        1.         Any apologies received.


                        2.         Minutes of the Previous Assembly (2016).


                        3.         Any matters arising from those minutes.


                        4.         Reports from Councillors


                        5.         Report from District Councillor


                        6.         Report from County Councillor


                        7.         Any matters raised by electors of the parish present


                        8.         Closure



PRESENTCOUNCILLORS: R. FURNEAUX (CHAIRMAN), D. BRUMMELL, C. BUCHANAN (from 7.40pm), A. COURT and 2 members of the public


1.         Apologies for absence

            Councillors Porter (business), Smith (business).


2.         Minutes of the previous assembly

            These were circulated prior to the meeting.  It was agreed that they represented a true       record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.


3.         Any matters arising from those minutes

            There were no matters.


4.         Reports from councillors

            The Chairman thanked councillors plus the clerk for their support.  The annual report  was delivered to residents and a copy is attached to these minutes.         


5.         Report from District Councillor

            No new report.


6.         Report from County Councillor

            No new report.


7.40pm Councillor Buchanan joins the meeting.

7.         Any matters raised by electors of the parish present

            A resident asked how long the building will go on for at Tanner’s Pool.  The  Chairman responded that we do not know.  There is a board with the builders details and he may be able to help you.

            People are using mobile phones whilst driving.  The Chairman explained that this is a       matter for the Police.  You may want to note the registration number and contact them.


8.         Closure

            The meeting was closed at 7.45pm

The ANNUAL MEETING of the Parish Council  will be held on Wednesday, 17th May 2017 in the Village Hall, Shenington commencing 7.45pm



1.         Appointment of Chairman


2.         Apologies for absence


3.         Declarations of Interest

            Members are asked to declare interests in items on the Agenda.


4.         Appointment of Vice Chair, Financial Officer and Councillors to Committees


5.         Open Forum


6.         Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (April 2017)


7.         Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:

            (a)        The Bell Inn; new map

            (b)        New councillor update

            (c)        Notices on website; actioned


8.         Councillor’s Report

            (a)        Outside Organisations

                        (i) Gliding Club update

                        (ii) Karting Club update

            (b)        Communication

                        (i)   School update

                        (ii) Village Hall Trustees update

                        (iii) Community Transport Network Meeting; 22nd May

                        (iv) Cherwell Parish Liaison Meeting; 14th June

            (c)        Highways

                        (i)  Traffic Calming; update

                        (ii) Repairs to road by Karting Club update

                        (iii) Mill Lane and Stocking Lane pot holes update

            (d)       Countryside

                        (i) Small signs for the wildflower areas update

                        (ii) Report on the condition of the trees on the green

                        (iii) Duke of Edinburgh Award update

                        (iv) Tree on Shenington Hill update

            (e)        Assets

            (f)        Emergency Planning


9.         District and County Councillor Reports

            (a)        To receive reports

            (b)        Street sign for Long Acre update

            (c)        Grit bin at the end of Mill Lane update


10.       To consider planning applications

            (a)        Planning application no. 17/00145/TCA - The Old Manor, Kenhill Road


11.       To receive results of planning applications

            (a)        Planning notice no. 17/00101/TCA - Tanners Pool; no further comments or                       objections

            (b)        Planning notice no. 17/00480/F - Stone Holt, Kenhill Road; granted

            (c)        Planning notice no. 17/00478/F - Stone Holt, Kenhill Road; granted

            (d)       Planning notice no. 17/00481/LB - Stone Holt, Kenhill Road; granted

            (e)        Planning notice no. 17/00482/LB - Stone Holt, Kenhill Road; granted


12.       To receive correspondence

            (a)        Email from a resident re. Kenhill Road

            (b)        OALC April update


13.       Financial/Administration Report

            (a)        Bank balances

            (b)        To consider draft 2016/17 accounts

            (c)        To review insurance policy

            (d)       Pensions Declaration of Compliance completed

            (e)        End of year tax form submitted


14.       Second Open Forum


15.       Passing of any accounts for payment

            (a)        Clerk’s fee (April 2017) – £176.84

            (b)        HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £44.20

            (c)        Clerk’s expenses (Jan-Mar) - £36.00

            (d)       Graphics Direct - wildflower signs - £25.00


16.       Closure of meeting

            Next meeting on Wednesday, 21st June 2017 at 7.30pm.



Thames Water to take on the responsibility of 4,000 sewage pumping stations from property owners and managers

·         Utility will take over electricity and maintenance costs under new legislation, potentially saving customers thousands of pounds

·         Firm appeals for help tracking 1,800 ‘missing’ stations

Thames Water is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations.

The utility, which serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, will take responsibility for around 4,000 pumping in October 2016, but needs to track down 1,800 currently off its radar.

New legislation means sewage pumping stations, which power wastewater away from properties and out into the public sewer pipe network, currently owned and maintained by customers will become legally owned and operated by the local water company.

The pumping stations are found in all shapes and sizes, and can be in places where there are a number of properties needing to connect to the public sewer network. Customers will know they have one as they’ll be paying to maintain and power them.

Jerry White, of Thames Water, said: “This is really good news for customers. We’d urge anyone who thinks they may have one to get in touch so we can check they are eligible for the transfer of ownership. In some cases, as well as electricity savings, maintaining and replacing pumps can cost thousands of pounds so it’s an excellent deal for them.

“We believe we know where approximately half of the stations we need to take over are, but really need help to find the other 1,800. Please get in touch if you think this applies to you and we can take on the responsibility forever.”

Anyone with a private pumping station can make Thames Water aware at


1. Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.
2. Guard against all risk of fire.
3. Leave all gates as you find them.
4. Keep your dogs under close control.
5. Keep to public paths across farmland.
6. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.
7. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.
8. Take your litter home.
9. Help to keep water clean.
10. Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
11. Take special care on country roads.
12. Make no unnecessary noise.

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