Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Councillor Philcox (family commitment).
2. Declarations of Interest
The Chairman declared a personal interest in items 6(b)(i) as a member of his family is employed by the School and he is also a school governor, 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee. Councillor Brummell declared a personal interest in items 6(a)(i)(ii) and (iii) as a family member is the landowner and 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee.
3. Open Forum
No questions from the public.
4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (March 2014)
The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that they represented a true record of the meeting and were duly signed by the Chairman.
5. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:
(a) New Homes Bonus; defibrillator to be delivered shortly
The Clerk confirmed that we are still waiting for the defibrillator to be delivered.
(b) Consultation draft Rights of Way Management Plan
It was agreed that the draft circulated by the Chairman could be submitted.
ACTION: The Chairman to submit.
(c) Consultation on draft Oxfordshire Mineral and Waste Local Plan
The Chairman confirmed that he has asked Councillor Philcox if he would review this.

6. Councillors Reports
(a) Gliding and Karting (JP/AC)
(i) Noise monitoring; data, standard procedure
ACTION: May agenda item.
(ii) Gliding Club; planning consents
ACTION: May agenda item.
(iii) Karting Club; litter complaint
The Clerk confirmed that a resident has complained about the litter outside the Club premises which they believe is from people attending Karting Meetings. It was agreed that this should be discussed with the Club.
ACTION: Councillor Coles agreed to notify the Club of this complaint. The Clerk to respond to the resident.
(b) Communication (GS/RF)
(i) School
The Chairman reported that he has made the School aware of the wildflower planting and also the spring clean. He said that a suggestion had been made about looking at creating a wildlife/safe pond area in the School grounds.
The School car parking policy asks for the speed limit to be observed.
(ii) Village Hall Trustees
The Chairman said that the Trustees are investigating whether they can apply for a grant for the repairs around the new skylight which were caused by water leaking into the structure from the old skylight.
(iii) Annual Report
The Chairman had circulated prior to the meeting a draft. Councillor Buchanan asked if the traffic calming grant could be mentioned in the report. The Clerk said that this grant had been received in 2012/13. It was agreed that residents could be reminded that we have some funds towards traffic calming. The Chairman to incorporate this in the report. It was agreed that the report could be printed and distributed to residents.
ACTION: The Chairman and Councillor Smith to liaise regarding the printing. All councillors to liaise regarding distribution of the report.
(c) Minerals and Alkerton HWRC (JP/MC)
(i) ROMP update
No new update
(ii) Warwickshire Minerals Plan update
ACTION: May agenda item.
(d) Highways (RF/CB)
The Clerk said that she understands that Councillor Webb is trying to arrange for a representative from the NAG to attend our June meeting. The Clerk said that the Police Officer who arranged the Community Speedwatch in Warwickshire is happy for the Parish Council to contact her.
ACTION: The Clerk to forward the Police Officer’s contact details to the Chairman
(i) Traffic Calming; collation of information
ACTION: May agenda item
(ii) Speed Survey
The Chairman had circulated prior to the meeting the speed survey data. He said that he believes some of the data has been corrupted and Highways have agreed that a new speed survey will be conducted after the school have returned to school. The results do show that a significant number of vehicles were above the speed limit. The survey took place half way down Shenington Hill. The data clearly shows the increase in speed when Karting events are taking place.
ACTION: The Chairman to circulate the new data once the survey has taken place. Cllr. Coles to mention the data to the Kart club.
It was agreed that 2 further speed surveys should be requested after the repeated speed survey has been carried out for Rattlecombe Road and entering Alkerton; part way down Alkerton Hill.
ACTION: The Chairman to request 2 additional surveys at a cost of £100 each.
(iii) Speedwatch
The Chairman said that the Police will repeat speedwatch. It was agreed that they should be given the data from the speed survey and they should decide whether speedwatch needs to take place.
ACTION: The Chairman to liaise with the PCSO.
(iv) Monitoring equipment; cost of traffic counters
Battery powered counters are £2995 excluding VAT and delivery.
(v) Pot holes (Stocking Lane) and broken path (Mill Lane); update
ACTION: The Clerk to provide an update at May’s meeting.
(e) Countryside (AC/MC)
(i) Signage and condition of footpaths; update
Cllr. Court said that she would put a note in the Shenington Green asking residents to report issues.
ACTION: Cllr. Court to put a note in the Shenington Green.
(ii) Spring Clean 2014
Councillors reported that they have been litter picking. Notices were put up on the boards.
(iii) Parish Paths Wardens
It was agreed that Councillor Court should contact the Parish Paths Wardens to ask for their help.
ACTION: Councillor Court to contact the Parish Paths Wardens
(f) Businesses and Services (MC/GS)
(i) Power cables and street lights; update
Councillor Coles reported that the contract has been moved to a new company. She agreed to contact the new contractor once she has been provided with the details.
ACTION: Councillor Coles to contact the new contractor.
(ii) Broadband; update
No new report.
(g) Assets (DB (Shenington) and CB (Alkerton)
(i) Funding for repairs to the war memorial; quotes requested
The Clerk reported that she has only been able to get 2 companies to agree to look at the war memorial and let us know what work needs to be carried out. Councillor Buchanan asked if the clerk could let the District Council know that we will be applying for a grant.
ACTION: The Clerk to send an email to the District Council regarding grant funding.
(ii) Bus Shelter; update
Councillor Brummell said that he was still waiting for a full quote from the first contractor who quoted for partly repairing the shelter.
ACTION: May agenda item.
(iii) Emergency Plan
The Clerk to update the list as per councillors instructions.
ACTION: The Clerk to update.
8.35pm Councillor Buchanan leaves the meeting.
7. To receive planning applications
(a) 14/00262/F - Brook Cottage, Well Lane
No comments or objections.
(b) 14/00322/TPO - Holy Trinity Church, Shenington
No comments or objections.
(c) MW.0029/14 - Alkerton Quarry
The Chairman said that following a number of email exchanges with the County Council it appears that this application does not relate to Alkerton Quarry. It relates to Wroxton but the original planning application related to Alkerton and Wroxton which is why we have been notified. It was agreed that the Parish Council would raise no comments or objections.

8. To receive results of planning applications
(a) 14/00104/TCA - Rose Cottage, Shenington (5 day notice) - granted.
(b) 14/00068/TCA - land north west of Fabis House, Rattlecombe Road - granted
(c) 14/00132/LB - Clematis Cottage, Stocking Lane - granted

9. To receive correspondence
(a) HM Revenue & Customs; electronic banking
The Clerk reported that she has received a note from HM Revenue & Customs saying that their original letter was incorrect and parishes do not have to pay electronically.
(b) OALC March Members update
Circulated via email.
(c) Local Heritage Assets; proposed criteria
It was agreed that the Chairman should read this and respond if necessary.
ACTION: The Chairman to read and respond if necessary.
(d) OALC training courses
Circulated to councillors via email.

10. Financial/Administration Report
(a) Bank balances
The Clerk confirmed the following balances:
Community Account - £4,774.41
Business Account - £7,210.71
(b) Draft 2013/14 accounts
The Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting a draft copy of the accounts. It was agreed that these should be forwarded to the internal auditor. A copy is attached to these minutes.
ACTION: The Clerk to pass the accounts to the internal auditor.
(c) Bank Mandate update
The Clerk reported that Barclays Bank have finally emailed the ‘personal sheet’ information which has been forwarded to councillors.

11. Second Open Forum
It was reported that the Woodland Trust are offering free trees to communities. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to plant trees on the Village Green but the trees should be specimen trees and the Woodland Trust trees were hedging trees.
ACTION: Councillor Court to investigate
12. Passing of any accounts for payment:
The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Coles, seconded by Councillor Court and carried unanimously.
(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (Mar) - £160.85.
(b) HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £40.00
(c) Treetech Arboricultural Services Ltd. - removal of tree - £180.00

13. Closure of meeting
Next meeting 14th May 2014 at 7.30pm.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 9pm.

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