Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

PRESENT:  COUNCILLORS:  R. FURNEAUX (CHAIRMAN), D. BRUMMELL,  C. BUCHANAN, A. COURT,                       S. PORTER, G. SMITH and 1 member of the public

1.         Apologies for absence

            No apologies were received. 
2.         To accept councillor’s resignation
            The Chairman reported that Councillor Phillips had resigned.  The Clerk confirmed that the District Council has been made aware of this and have issued a notice to be displayed on our noticeboard.
           ACTION: The Clerk to display the notice on the noticeboard.
3.         Declarations of Interest
            The Chairman declared personal  interests in items 7(b)(i) as a member of his family is employed by the School and he is also a school governor and 7(b)(ii) as Treasurer of the Village Hall Trustees.  He also declared a
pecuniary interest in items 12(c) as a supporter of the MAG. Councillor Brummell declared personal interests in items 7(a)(i) and (ii) as a family member owns
the land. He also declared a personal interest  in item 7(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee. 
4.         Open forum
A resident said that there will be a collection for the Red Cross in the parish.
5.         Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (March)
            The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was proposed that they be  accepted, seconded and agreed unanimously.  The minutes were signed by the  Chairman.  
6.         Matters arising from the minutes of the
previous meetings:
            (a)        Defibrillator; update
                        The Clerk said that she has been provided with a different email address and  has asked again about training.  Councillor Porter suggested that we ask for a  refund as training was agreed before we purchased the defibrillator.  It was agreed that the Clerk should ask for a refund if training is not provided.
                        ACTION: The Clerk to request a refund if training is not provided.
            (b)        Connecting Oxfordshire Consultation
                        The Chairman confirmed that a response has been submitted.
            (c)        Dog waste bins; cost
                        The Chairman reported that dog waste bins recommended by the District  Council cost £183 plus VAT.  The Clerk said that the District Council charge  £1.40 plus 10% administration cost for the emptying of each bin.  Councillor Porter said that he would look at quotes for dog bins. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact the dog warden to ask for the parish to be patrolled.  It  was further agreed that a note should be placed in the Shenington Green  regarding this.  
                        ACTION: Councillor Porter to obtain quotes for dog waste bins.  The  Chairman to write an article for the Shenington Green.  The Clerk to contact the dog warden.
            (d)       Email  re. stone wall; response sent
                        The Chairman said that he has responded to the resident.
            (e)        Annual Parish Assembly; speaker requested
                        The Clerk said that she has not received a response to her email. It was agreed  that she should ask Councillor Webb to help.
                        ACTION: The Clerk to contact Councillor Webb.
            (f)        Parish Remuneration; notice displayed
                        A notice has been displayed on the noticeboard.
            (g)        Asset of Community Value; update
                        The Chairman reported that this process has been completed and The Bell is now registered as an Asset of Community Value.  The District Council has  been notified that it is up for sale.
7.         Councillors Reports
            (a)        Outsider Organisations 
                        (i)  Gliding Club; planning consents update
                        No new update.                      
                        (ii)  Karting Club; planning consent
                        ACTION: District Councillor Webb is trying to obtain a copy of the planning consent.
                        (iii) North Oxfordshire Ironstone Liaison Committee; 28th April
                        Unfortunately no councillor is available to attend.  The Clerk was asked if she could arrange for a copy of the notes to be distributed.
                        ACTION: The Clerk to request a copy of the notes.
            (b)       Communication
                        Councillor Buchanan said that the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) have scheduled a meeting for next Thursday.  It was agreed that Councillor  Buchanan shouldattend on behalf of the Parish Council.  
                        (i)  School; update
                        The Chairman said that he has told the school about our Spring Clean but he doesn’t think they will take part because they have their own.  
                        (ii)  Village Hall Trustees update
                       Councillor Brummell said that the internet has been installed.                                               (iii) Parish Liaison Meeting; 10thJune                       Unfortunately no councillor is available to attend.                        (iv) Shenington Green
                        Councillors agreed that the wording on the draft article relating to The Bell Inn should be changed to show that the Parish Council is only interested in  keeping a pub in the village.  The Chairman agreed to amend the article and resend to councillors.
                        ACTION: The Chairman to amend the draft article and resend to                                councillors.
            (c)        Highways
                        Councillor Buchanan reported that the Police are willing to divert traffic on karting  days but they will need residents to help them.
                        ACTION: Councillor Buchanan to mention at the NAG meeting.
                        (i)  Traffic Calming; collation of information
                        The Chairman said that modifications have been made and a draft will be circulated shortly.
                        ACTION: The Chairman to circulate.
                        (ii) Speed monitoring sessions
                        ACTION: Councillor Buchanan to mention at the NAG.
            (d)       Countryside
                        Councillor Court confirmed that the files have not been handed to her.
                        ACTION: The Chairman to follow up on this.
                        (i) Spring Clean 2015
                        Councillor Court said that she has contacted the District Council and arranged for vests and litter
            (e)        Services
                        (i) Alkerton Power cables and street lights; update
                        No new update.
                        (ii) Superfast Broadband; update
                        Councillor Smith agreed to try and find out when superfast broadband will be available.
                        ACTION: Councillor Smith to contact British Telecom.
            (f)        Assets
                        (i) To agree asset register
                        ACTION: May agenda item.
            (g)        Emergency Planning
                        No new report.
8.         District and County Councillors Reports
            No new reports.        
9.         To receive planning applications     
            (a)        15/00063/TCA - Tanners Cottage, Alkerton
                        Councillors agreed to raise no comments or objections.
                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department
10.       To receive results from planning applications
            (a)        15/00024/TCA - Tanners Pool, Alkerton; granted
            (b)        15/00096/LB - The Cottage, Kenhill Road; granted
            (c)        14/02017/F - Land north West of Manor Farm, Alkerton; granted
            (d)       MW.0001/15 - Alkerton landfill site; granted
11.       To receive correspondence
            (a)        OALC Members update (March)
                        The Chairman said that the 8th May was VE day and parishes were being encouraged to light a beacon.  Councillor Brummell said that he would mentionthis to a landowner.
                        ACTION: Councillor Brummell to liaise with a landowner
            (b)        email re. footpath problem; resolved
                        The Chairman explained that a ramblers group had experienced an issue with a footpath.  The landowner has been contacted and is arranging for the footpath to become more accessible.
            (c)        Proposed changes to Cherwell Housing Allocations Consultation
                        Councillors agreed not to respond.
12.       Financial/Adminstration Report
            (a)        Bank balances
                        The Clerk confirmed the following balances:
                        Community Account - £4,150.85
                        Business Account - £7,213.48
            (b)        New Bank Mandate Forms
                        It was agreed that a new bank mandate form would be prepared. Councillors agreed to arrange for personal details forms to be certified by the bank and  then to return to the Clerk.                        ACTION: May agenda item.

The Chairman did not take part in this discussion.
            (c)        ROMP donations update
                        The Clerk reported that residents who contributed to the ROMP have been identified.  It was agreed that the Clerk should draft a letter to these residents  and arrange for cheques to be signed at the next meeting.
                        ACTION: The Clerk to draft a letter.
The Chairman returned to the meeting.
            (d)       Publications System; update
                        The Clerk said that she would be forwarding this to councillors.
                        ACTION: The Clerk to update and forward to councillors.13.       Open forum
            No questions.
14.       Passing of any accounts for payment:
            The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Court, seconded by Councillor  Brummell and carried unanimously.
            (a)        Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (March) - £164.28  
            (b)        HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £41.00
            (c)        OALC - annual subscription - £133.07
15.       Closure of meeting
            Next meeting on 13th May 2015 at 7.45pm after the Annual Parish Assembly.
            The Chairman closed the meeting at 9pm.                                          

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