Shenington  with Alkerton Parish




1.         Apologies for absence

            Councillors Brummell (business) and Buchanan (NAG meeting).

2.         Declarations of Interest

            The Chairman declared a personal interest in item 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee. Councillor Porter declared a pecuniary interest in item 8(a) as a nearby landowner.

3.         Open forum

            No questions. 

The Chairman asked if the agenda could be rearranged to accommodate District Councillor Webb who has another engagement this evening.  This was agreed.

6.         Councillors Reports

            (a)        Outsider Organisations

                        (i)  Gliding Club; planning application received

                        (ii)  Karting Club; planning consent

                        District Councillor Webb said that he had no further updates. 

7.         District and County Councillors Reports

            (a)        To receive reports

                        District Councillor Webb said that if residents haven’t received the spring  edition of Cherwell Link to let him know.

            (f)        Public Service reorganisation for Oxfordshire

                        District Councillor Webb reported that he understands Johnsons Bus Company  is working on a plan for the 269 and 270 routes.  The District Council is looking at whether to reinstate Dial-a-Ride or a volunteer service.

7.55pm District Councillor Webb leaves the meeting.

4.         Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (March)

            The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr. Court proposed that      they be accepted, seconded and agreed unanimously.  The minutes were signed by the           Chairman. 

5.         Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:

            (a)        Dog waste bin; installed

                        The Chairman confirmed that this has been installed.  Concern was expressed                    as to whether it needed a bag.  The Chairman said that he would look into this.

                        ACTION: The Chairman to see if the dog waste bin requires a bag.

            (b)        Tanner’s Pool; damage to wall

                        Councillor Porter said that he is still waiting for a response from the                             Enforcement Department.

            (c)        Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday; grant approved

                        The Clerk confirmed that a grant of £300 has been received.  Councillors                            agreed that this sum should be paid to the Social Committee.

            (d)       The Jitty public right of way update

                        The Chairman reported that he has received a list of residents who expressed  an interest 20 years ago.  He has updated the list but would like other  councillors to review.  Councillor Porter said that he would like to comment.

                        ACTION: The list to be sent to Councillors Court, Brummell and Porter.                     A further form registering a comment to be sent to Councillor Porter.

            (e)        email re. parking in Alkerton; response from contractors

                        The Clerk said that she has reported parking and litter issues to the contractors.   She has not been able to find an address for the new landowner so has been unable to make him aware of the concerns.

6.         Councillors Reports

            (a)        Outsider Organisations

                        (iii) Karting Club; signage update

                        The Chairman said that he put the sign up at the crossroads for the last  meeting.  A nearby landowner has agreed to store the sign.

            (b)        Communication

                        (i) School update

                        No new report.

                        (ii) Village Hall trustees update

                        No new report.

                        (iii) Banbury Rural Neighbourhood Meeting; 15th March

                        The Chairman explained that Councillor Buchanan was attending a  Neighbourhood Action Group meeting this evening but had circulated an  email updating the meeting.  The Police Community Priorities for the  following year will be; speeding, parking around schools and anti-social  behaviour.

                        (iv) Community Enterprise Meeting; 20th April

                        It was agreed that the Chairman and Councillor Court would attend.

                        (v) Shenington Green article; draft circulated to councillors

                        Councillors agreed that this could be forwarded to the editor of the Shenington                 Green.

                        ACTION: The Chairman to forward to the editor of the Shenington Green

                        (vi) Annual Report comments, circulation

                        This was approved.  It was agreed that it would be hand delivered around the  parish.

                        ACTION: The Chairman to arrange the printing and liaise with councillors regarding distributing around the parish.

            (c)        Highways

                        (i) Traffic Calming Report; meeting with County Highways

                        The Clerk reported that she is trying to arrange a meeting with the officer.  It  was agreed that the Traffic Calming Report should be forwarded to other Oxfordshire parishes.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to arrange a meeting with County Highways.  The                      Chairman to forward the Traffic Calming Report to other Oxfordshire  parishes.

                        (ii) Speed Monitoring Dates

                        It was reported that Councillor Buchanan is waiting for a response from the Police.

                        ACTION: May agenda item.

                        (iii) Repairs to road by Karting Club update

                        The Clerk to follow up with County Councillor Reynolds.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to contact County Councillor Reynolds.               

                        (iv) Mill Lane sign update

                        This has been installed.

                        (v) Mill Lane potholes update

                        The Chairman confirmed that photographs of all of the Mill Lane potholes have been sent to County Highways.                 

                        (vi) Alkerton Hill drainage update

                        ACTION: The Clerk to follow up on this with County Councillor Reynolds.

                        (vii) Wall at the end of Mill Lane

                        The Chairman said that he has made the resident aware of this issue.

            (d)       Countryside

                        (i) Spring Clean; 9th April feedback

                        Councillor Court said that this was good with 8 residents assisting.  The  Chairman said that a photograph would be put in the Shenington Green.

            (e)        Services

                        (i) Power cables, telephone cables and street lights update

                        Work has started.

            (f)        Assets

                        (i) Grit bin on Mill Lane

                        The Clerk to ask County Councillor Reynolds whether the County Council  will replace this bin.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to email County Councillor Reynolds.

            (g)        Emergency Planning

                        (i) Annual Parish Survey

                        The Chairman said that Councillor Brummell has completed this and  submitted.  Councillor Brummell has agreed to update keyholders for the  school.

                        ACTION: Councillor Brummell to update keyholders for the school.

7.         District and County Councillors Reports

            (b)        Banbury Vision and Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document

                        The Chairman has circulated a draft response.  It was agreed that councillors                      would submit personal responses.

            (c)        Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation feedback

                        Councillor Buchanan is looking at this.

            (d)       CDC Consultations on the Local Plan and Community Involvement; responded

                        The Chairman confirmed that our response has been submitted.

            (e)        Letter re. unitary authorities

                        Circulated via email.

            (g)        Supported Transport letter

                        It was agreed that the Clerk should forward to Johnson Bus Services the letter                   prepared by the Chairman suggesting a way forward.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to forward the letter to Johnson Bus Services.

            (h)        North West Bicester Supplementary Planning Document; adopted


8.         To receive planning applications

            Councillor Porter did not take part in this discussion.

            (a)        16/00073/TCA - Rectory Farm, Kenhill Road

                        No comments or objections.

9.         To receive results of planning applications

            (a)        16/00042/TCA - High Holme; granted.                                                            

10.       To receive correspondence

            (a)        Consultation on main modifications to the Stratford District Council Core                          Strategy

                        No comment.

            (b)        OALC members update (March)

                        Circulated to councillors via email.

            (c)        Stocking Lane and Mill Lane temporary road closure notice


            (d)       Independent Parish Remuneration Report

                        ACTION: The Clerk to display on the notice board.

            (e)        email re. rights of way across Upton Estates

 This was discussed.  The Chairman pointed out that the Estate has applied for protection of their rights of way.  However, the footpaths and footways are  different to what is shown on the definitive map.  Councillors agreed that  wayleave discs should be reinstated on the land and that they needed to  understand whether those will mark the paths that everyone uses or the paths  of the definitive map (some of which are non-existent).  It was agreed that the  Clerk should liaise with the manager at the Estates regarding the                 inconsistencies.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to contact the manager at Upton Estates.

            (f)        email re. highway across airfield

                        The Chairman confirmed that he has responded to the resident.

11.       Financial/Adminstration Report

            (a)        Bank account balances

                        The Clerk confirmed the following balances:

                        Community Account - £5,058.85

                        Business Account - £7,217.08           

12.       Open forum

            A verbal request has been received regarding paving over a section of the green which  it is claimed is being destroyed by cars.  The Clerk said that she does not believe the  Parish Council owns this section of land.

            ACTION: The Clerk to send a copy of the registered green map to all councillors.

            The Kart Club will be holding a buggy race on 21st/22nd May week-end. The buggies   are on the track for no more than 2 hours each day.    

13.       Passing of any accounts for payment:

            The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Smith, seconded by Councillor         Porter and carried unanimously.

            (a)        Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (March) - £164.28 

            (b)        HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £41.00

            (c)        Shenington with Alkerton Village Hall Charitable Trust - hire of hall - £20.00                    

14.       Closure of meeting

            The Annual Parish Assembly will be held on 11th May at 7.30pm.

            Next meeting on 11th May 2016 at 7.45pm at Shenington Village Hall.

            The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15pm. 



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