Shenington  with Alkerton Parish


PRESENTCOUNCILLORS:  R. FURNEAUX (CHAIRMAN), D. BRUMMELL, C. BUCHANAN (from 8.30pm), A. COURT, S. PORTER, G. SMITH (from 7.50pm) and 2 members of the public

1.         Apologies for absence

            Councillors Buchanan and Smith apologised as they would be arriving later due to            work commitments.

2.         Declarations of Interest

            The Chairman declared personal interests in items 6(b)(i) as a school governor and a  member of his family is employed at the school and 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee.   Councillor Brummell declared personal interests in items 6(a)(i), (ii) and (iii) as a family member owns the land and item 9(a) and (b) as he knows the applicant. He also declared personal interests in item 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee. 

3.         Open forum

            A resident reported that the potholes on Mill Lane need filling.

            ACTION: The Chairman to report to County Highways.

            A resident asked what the initials CAD mean.  The Chairman explained that CAD relates to the ambulance service and we have only seen it referred to as CAD.

            It was mentioned that the licence on The Bell has been removed as one of the named licensees is deceased.  A temporary license has been issued but it is believed with reduced hours.  The Clerk reported that she has not been informed of this.

            A resident said that carts were blocking Mill Lane footway.  The Clerk advised that the Police should be notified.

 4.         Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (November)

            The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr. Porter proposed that they be accepted, seconded and agreed unanimously.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman. 

 5.         Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:

            (a)        Dog waste bin; update

                        The Clerk confirmed that this has been ordered.

            (b)        The Surgery planning application; await response from the Planning                                    Department

                        The Clerk reported that she has received a message from Councillor Webb saying that the Planning Department considered the surgery to be inside the  village boundary. 

7.50pm Councillor Smith joins the meeting.

            (c)        Defibrillator update

                        The Chairman said that the Ambulance Central Service Team do not hold   telephone numbers for contacts in the local area.

            (d)       War Memorial information on website

                        This is on the website.

            (e)        OCC notice of temporary road closure at Tanners Pool; letter sent

                        The Clerk reported that OCC has apologised for the short notice which is due to staff shortages.  They said that the repairs to the wall and the mud on the road are the responsibility of the applicant.  It was agreed that enforcement  should be contacted regarding the repairs to the wall.

                        ACTION: Councillor Porter to contact enforcement.

6.         Councillors Reports

            (a)        Outsider Organisations

                        (i)  Gliding Club; planning consents update

                        ACTION: January agenda item.

                        (ii)  Karting Club; planning consent

                        The Chairman said that the planning consents received from Councillor Webb relate to the buildings and the buildings have now been removed.

                        ACTION: Await further consents from Councillor Webb.

                        (iii) Karting Club; meeting date

                        The Chairman and Councillor Court met with the Karting Club.  2016 includes   38 racing days and testing but none taking place on a bank holiday.  They  explained that they have issues with commercial clubs which operate more  days.  Councillors said that traffic was an issue.  A sign at Alkerton crossroads         might help on race days.  They have a problem putting up temporary signs and then taking them down.  Councillors agreed that County Highways should be contacted to find out how we can stop this traffic from coming through the village.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to write to County Highways, copy Councillor                             Reynolds.

            (b)        Communication

                        (i)  School; request for PCSO to speak to parents plus letter re. proposed                             admissions policy

                                The Clerk said that she has asked if a PCSO could liaise with the school.

                        The Chairman explained that the school wishes to extend the catchment area.                           ii)  Village Hall Trustees update

                        Councillor Brummell reported that work will now start on 8th December.

                        (iii) Oxfordshire Partnership feedback

                        Councillors Porter and Smith attended the meeting.  Notes had been                                   circulated.  Councillor Smith said that the meeting was very well attended.                        County Highways explained that from April 2016 there would be a reduced                       verge cutting and cleaning of signs service.  They are asking Parish Councils                  to adopt some of the services but no payment has been suggested yet.  County               Highways will be sending a digital map to parish councils highlighting the                   areas that they wish them to accept responsibility for maintaining.  The                               agreement will be for a 3 year contract with Oxfordshire County Council                           covering the insurance element.  A risk assessment would be necessary.                           Councillors agreed to review this once further details have been received. 

8.30pm Councillor Buchanan joins the meeting.

            (c)        Highways

                        (i)  Traffic Calming; draft letter

                        The draft letter had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Councillors agreed                      that this letter should be sent to Councillor Reynolds, copy Councillor Webb.                A copy should also be placed on the website.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to send the letter to Councillors Reynolds and Webb                   and arrange for a copy to be displayed on the website.

                        (ii) Speed monitoring dates

                        Councillor Buchanan said that she has requested dates.

                        (iii) Repairs to the road by Karting Club update

                        The Clerk confirmed that she has sent an email to Councillor Reynolds.                              Councillor Smith said that this road was mentioned at the Oxfordshire                               Partnership meeting with the Highways Officers saying that they would look                into it.  Councillor Reynolds was also present at that meeting.

                        (iv) Mill Lane sign

                        Councillor Brummell said that this has been reported.

                        (v) The Old Bakery hedge

                        The Chairman confirmed that this has been cut back.

                        (vi) Speed of vehicles travelling down Mill Lane

                        Councillor Court confirmed that this has been mentioned to a local landowner.

            (d)       Countryside

                        (i) Litter pick feedback

                        Councillors agreed that this was very worthwhile.

                        (ii) Bio-diversity role

                        The Chairman said that he has met with the resident who is willing to take on                    this role.  He has passed the files to her.

            (e)        Services

                        Councillor Brummell said that the street light has been fixed.

                        (i) Power cables, telephone cables and street lights; feedback from Cllr. Webb.

                        ACTION: January agenda item.

            (f)        Assets

                        No new report.

            (g)        Emergency Planning

                        No new report.

7.         District and County Councillors Reports

            No new reports.

8.         To receive planning applications

            (a)        15/01667/F - Cotman House

                        The Parish Council agreed to raise no comments or objections.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

            (b)        15/01666/F - Cotman House

                        Councillors agreed to raise no comments or objections.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

            (c)        15/01943/REM - The Surgery, Stocking Lane

                        This application was discussed and councillors agreed to object as the cars would be visible from a nearby bridleway and the Lynchets; a listed historical monument. It was also agreed that this would extend the land that is developed.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.


9.         To receive results of planning applications

            (a)        15/01707/F - Oriel House; granted.

            (b)        15/01708/LB - Oriel House; granted

 10.       To receive correspondence

            (a)        North West Bicester Supplementary Planning Document

                        Circulated via email. 

11.       Financial/Adminstration Report

            (a)        Bank account balances

                        The Clerk confirmed the following balances:

                        Community Account - £5,388.44

                        Business Account - £7,216.18

            (b)        Bank Mandate Form

                        The Clerk confirmed that she has written to Barclays Bank.

            (c)        To approve hire of school form for January meeting.

                        It was agreed that this form should be approved.  The Clerk signed the form and a copy is attached to these minutes.

12.       Open forum

            No questions from the public.

13.       Passing of any accounts for payment:

            The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Court, seconded by Councillor         Brummell and carried unanimously.

            (a)        Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (November) - £164.28 

            (b)        HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £41.00

            (c)        Shenington Primary School - hire of room (January) - £10.00

            (d)       SWAVHCT - hire of hall - £30.00

14.       Closure of meeting

            Next meeting on 13th January 2015 at 7.30pm at Shenington Primary School.

            The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm.                                                 

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