Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

1. Apologies for absence
No apologies.
2. Declarations of Interest
The Chairman declared a personal interest in items 6(b)(i) as a member of his family is employed by the School, 6(b)(ii) and 10 as a Village Hall Trustee. Councillor Brummell declared a personal interest in items 6(b)(ii) and 10 as a Village Hall Trustee and 6(a)(i), (ii) and (iii) as a family member is the landowner.
3. Open Forum
No questions from the public.
4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (January 2014)
The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that they represented a true record of the meeting and were duly signed by the Chairman.
5. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:
(a) Alkerton postcodes; feedback from resident
The Clerk confirmed that a letter has been sent to residents.
(b) New Homes Bonus - defibrillator ordered, quotes from electrician
The Clerk reported that the defibrillator has been ordered. The Chairman confirmed that a specialised electrician is not required. It was agreed that the electrician recommended by the Village Hall should be contacted once the defibrillator has been delivered.
ACTION: Chairman to contact the electrician once defibrillator has been delivered.

6. Councillors Reports
(a) Gliding and Karting (JP/AC)
(i) Complaint to District Council
The Clerk had circulated to councillors prior to the meeting a response from the District Council stating that they no longer held the historical data.
ACTION: Councillor Philcox to find out if the Court has kept the data and also how other councils monitor noise.
(ii) Karting Club; update from Cllr. Webb
The Clerk reported that Councillor Webb had informed her that a response had been sent. It was agreed that the best approach would be for the Parish Council to maintain good relations with the Club and attempt to influence them by negotiation.
(iii) Gliding Club; planning consents
No new update.
(b) Communication (GS/RF)
The Boundary Review was discussed and councillors agreed that any increase in the ward would make it difficult for the councillor to be effective. He would have more little villages to worry about.
ACTION: Councillor Coles to respond to the Boundary Commission.
(i) School
Councillor Smith said that she is still waiting for a date for a meeting at the School.
(ii) Village Hall Trustees; update from meeting
The Chairman said that he has told the Trustees that the Parish Council has received a grant for £500 and that the Parish Council is happy to support part of the roof project.
(iii) Inter-Parishes Meeting; update
The Chairman and Councillor Smith attended this meeting. They said that it was useful to hear the views from other parishes.
(c) Minerals and Alkerton HWRC (JP/MC)
Councillor Philcox reported on the ROMP. The applicant has challenged the prohibition order and requested a written representative hearing. The matter is now with the Secretary of State.
ACTION: Councillor Philcox to ensure that the MAG keeps the Parish Council up-to-date.
(d) Highways (RF/CB)
(i) Traffic Calming; survey requested
The Chairman confirmed that the survey has been requested. He also reported that he did ask the working party if they had any other ideas; no ideas have been received.
(ii) Speedwatch; update
The Chairman said that the Police have confirmed that they are unable to find the previous data. Speedwatch took place on 19th January. Another speedwatch is due to take place shortly. The Chairman said that he has received information regarding equipment used to monitor/reduce speeding but not the cost. It was agreed that the Clerk would find out the cost of this equipment.
ACTION: The Clerk to investigate the cost of equipment to monitor/reduce speeding.
(iii) Highways Maintenance Fund
ACTION: The Clerk to contact Councillor Reynolds.
(iv) Pot holes (Stocking Lane) and broken path (Mill Lane); update
The Clerk confirmed that this has been logged in the system.
(e) Countryside (AC/MC)
(i) Signage and condition of footpaths; update
The land is currently too wet to be assessed.
ACTION: March agenda item
(f) Businesses and Services (MC/GS)
(i) Power cables and street lights; update
No new report.
(ii) Broadband; update
Councillor Coles reported that they are currently surveying.
(g) Assets (DB (Shenington) and CB (Alkerton)
(i) Funding for repairs to the war memorial
ACTION: March agenda item.
(ii) Bus Shelter
Councillor Brummell reported that he is in the process of collecting quotes for the work.
ACTION: March agenda item.

7. To receive planning applications
(a) 14/00021/TCA - St. Michael’s Church
Councillors agreed not to object to this application.

8. To receive results of planning applications
(a) 13/01809/F - The Bell, The Green - granted
Councillor Philcox asked whether we should consider listing this property as a community asset.
ACTION: March agenda item.
9. To receive correspondence
(a) Stratford-on-Avon District Core Strategy
Councillors agreed not to respond.
(b) Consultation draft Rights of Way Management Plan
It was agreed that the Chairman would draft a response and circulate to councillors for comments prior to submission.
ACTION: The Chairman to respond
(c) Warwickshire Minerals Plan update
Details are available on Warwickshire County Council website.
(d) Parish Remuneration Panel’s Report
The Clerk had circulated this prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the Parish Council would maintain its current policy that it will pay no basic allowances or enhanced payments but will pay travel and subsistence.
ACTION: The Clerk to advertise on the noticeboard with an explanation for residents.
10. To consider funding, to a maximum of £700 (£500 from the Community Grant Fund), the Village Hall skylight.
The Clerk explained that the Village Hall Trustees are funding one replacement skylight. However, both skylights require replacing. The Trustees have provided one quote, as they would like the same contractor carrying out both replacements, for £700 (plus VAT). It was agreed that the Parish Council would fund the replacement of the second skylight.
ACTION: The Clerk to ask the contractor to replace the second skylight. The Clerk to also inform the Village Hall Trustees that the Parish Council will be funding this second replacement.

11. Financial/Administration Report
(a) Bank balances
The Clerk confirmed the following balances:
Community Account - £5,358.09
Business Account - £7,209.81

12. Second Open Forum
No questions from the public.
13. Passing of any accounts for payment:
The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Coles, seconded by Councillor Court and carried unanimously.
(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (Jan) - £160.85.
(b) HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £40.00

14. Closure of meeting
Next meeting 12th March at 7.30pm.
Meeting closed at 8.50pm.

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