Shenington  with Alkerton Parish




1.         Apologies for absence

            Councillor Porter (business).

2.         Declarations of Interest

            The Chairman declared a personal interest in item 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee.  Councillor Brummell declared personal interests in items 6(a)(i), and 6(a)(ii) as a family member owns the land.  He also declared a personal interest in item 6(b)(ii)  as a Village Hall Trustee.

3.         Open forum

            No questions from the public. 

4.         Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (May)

            The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr. Brummell proposed that  they be accepted, seconded and agreed unanimously.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman. 

 5.         Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:

            (a)        Dog waste bin; update

                        The Chairman confirmed that the bin is now being emptied.

            (b)        Rights of Way across Upton Estates; liaison with Upton Estates

                        ACTION: The Clerk to contact Upton Estates

            (c)        Tanner’s Pool; damage to wall update

                        Councillor Porter had reported a response from Enforcement saying that there                   is nothing wrong with the wall.  He has forwarded a photograph.  The Clerk  was asked to make District Councillor Webb aware of this.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to forward the email to District Councillor Webb.

 6.         Councillors Reports

            (a)        Outsider Organisations

                        (i)  Gliding Club; email re. planning

                        The Clerk had circulated, prior to the meeting, an email from the Gliding Club                  explaining that a new application would be submitted.  The Clerk was asked to  thank the Gliding Club for keeping us updated.           

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Gliding Club email.

                        (ii)  Karting Club; planning consent

                        Councillor Court said that she has received an email from the Karting Club  asking for feedback from the 21st/22nd May race meeting.  Councillors agreed  that no complaints had been received.

                        ACTION: Councillor Court to respond to the Karting Club.

            (b)        Communication

                        (i) School update

                        No new report.

                        (ii) Village Hall trustees update

                        The AGM is on the 21st July.

                        (iii) Community Enterprise Meeting; (13th June) attendees

                        It was agreed that the Chairman and Councillor Court would attend.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to register the Chairman and Councillor Court.

                        (iv) County Council Unitary Workshop (15th June) attendees

                        It was agreed that the Chairman and Councillor Buchanan would attend.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to register the Chairman and Councillor Buchanan and to find out the location.

                        (v) Banbury Rural Neighbourhood Team May update

                        Circulated to councillors via email. 

            (c)        Highways

                        (i) Traffic Calming Report; meeting with County Highways feedback

                        The Chairman and Councillor Buchanan met with an officer from County  Highways.  The Chairman had circulated notes prior to this meeting.  It was  agreed that if the Officer believes more surveys are required then this cost is approved. However, the Chairman was asked to ensure that the data from the    surveys, which have already taken place, is passed to this officer.  It was also agreed that the 30mph signs should be replaced with 20mph signs and that the  Chairman should relay this decision to the Highways Officer.

                        ACTION: The Chairman to ensure that the data from previous surveys is                  forwarded to the Highways Officer and to find out how many additional surveys are required.  The Chairman to instruct the Highways Officer to replace the 30mph signs with 20mph signs.

                        (ii) Speed Monitoring

                        Dates have been agreed.

                        ACTION: The Chairman to ask Councillor Porter if he can help with one                   of the dates.

                        (iii) Repairs to road by Karting Club update

                        ACTION: The Clerk to liaise with County Councillor Reynolds.

                        (iv) Mill Lane potholes update

                        The Clerk was asked to contact a Highways Officer to arrange for a visit to the                  parish to look at all of our outstanding issues.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for a highways officer to visit the parish  to look at our outstanding issues         

                        (v) Alkerton Hill drainage update

                        Thanks to Councillor Buchanan this has now been fixed.

                        (vi) Devolution of highway services update

                        It was agreed that the Clerk should find out what the highway services do for                     us.  She was also asked to report long grass causing visibility issues at the Alkerton crossroads and the A422 near Jenny’s sanctuary.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to find out what services highways carry out for us and to report visibility issues with long grass.

            (d)       Countryside

                        Complaints had been received about litter left by the workmen at Tanner’s  Pool.  The Clerk said that this has already been reported to the contractors.  It  was confirmed that there is no improvement.  The verges have been destroyed by the contractors for Tanner’s Pool parking on them.  The Clerk was asked to contact the contractors again and also write to the new owners.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to contact the contractors again regarding litter and                  parking problems and write to the new owners making them aware of the issues.

            (e)        Services

                        (i) Alkerton Power cables, telephone cables and street lights update

                        Councillor Smith reported that she has contacted Western Power and been told that there are no plans for Alkerton.  It was agreed that Councillor Buchanan should find out District Councillor Webb’s contact at Western Power and call  them.

                        ACTION: Councillor Buchanan to contact Western Power.

            (f)        Assets

                        It was reported that the grass around the War Memorial had been damaged by  the contractors working at the Old School House.  The Clerk was asked to  write to the new owner informing him of the damage and requesting that it be  rectified.  Complaint was also received regarding the ‘double parking’ of the vehicles.  The Clerk was asked to include this in the letter.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to write to the owner of The Old School House.

                        (i) Grit bin on Mill Lane

                        ACTION: The Clerk to email County Councillor Reynolds.

            (g)        Emergency Planning

                        (i) Annual Parish Survey; keyholders for the school updated

                        ACTION: Councillor Brummell to update information.


7.         District and County Councillors Reports

            (i)         To receive reports

                        No new reports.

            (ii)        Public Service Reorganisation in Oxfordshire

                        Circulated via email.

            (iii)       Discontinuation of the mobile library update

                        The Chairman reported that the mobile library is being discontinued in September. 


8.         To receive planning applications

            (a)        16/00810/F - The Old Generator Building, Kestrel Ridge, Sugarswell Lane

                        Councillors agreed that the existing structure is an ‘eye sore’ and not in keeping with the area of outstanding beauty.  This application would improve the site.  It was further agreed that the Parish Council would support this  application and request that if the District Council refuses it they will arrange for it to be demolished and returned to the pre-war condition.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.


9.         To receive correspondence

            (a)        OALC members update (May)

                        Circulated to councillors via email.

            (b)        Councillor vacancy update

                        The Chairman said that he has spoken to 2 potential councillors in Alkerton.

            (c)        Request for funding towards Alkerton churchyard

                        Councillor Porter had circulated to councillors prior to the meeting a request for funding towards the removal of ivy from the wall in Alkerton churchyard. This was discussed and it was agreed that more information is required.  The  Clerk said that we have no budget for this work so the cost would need to   come from unallocated.  The Clerk was asked to find out the actual cost of the works and also to enquire as to whether they have any surplus funds, from the £400 given to the churches every year for churchyard maintenance, by the Parish Council. 

                        ACTION: The Clerk to write to the PCC.

            (d)       Subsidised buses update

                        The Chairman reported that he understands there will be 4 buses each way.

            (e)        email re. parking on Stocking Lane

                        This was discussed and councillors agreed that there is a shortage of parking on Stocking Lane which is why the verge is being used.  It was agreed that parking on a verge, which has just been reseeded, is not ideal but it is very  difficult for the Parish Council to enforce no parking.  The verge is owned by  County Highways.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the resident.

10.       To complete and approve the annual governance statement

            Councillors noted that the internal auditor had completed and signed section 4 of the  annual return with no recommendations. The Clerk read out the statement and councillors answered the questions.  Councillor Court proposed that the statement be  approved, seconded and carried unanimously. The Chairman signed the statement. 

11.       To consider approving the 2015/16 accounts and statement of accounts

            Councillor Smith proposed that the accounts be approved, seconded Councillor  Brummell and carried unanimously.  Councillor Court proposed that the statement of  accounts be approved, seconded Councillor Smith and carried unanimously.  The Chairman signed the accounts and the statement of account.

 12.      Financial/Adminstration Report

            (a)        Bank balances

                        The Clerk confirmed the following balances:

                        Community Account - £7,202.93

                        Business Account - £7,217.08

            (b)        Clerk’s annual salary award

                        OALC had circulated the salary award for 2016/17.  It was agreed that this                        should be awarded to the Clerk and backdated to 1st April 2016.                 

            (c)        To adopt new website

                        Councillors agreed that this should be adopted.      

13.       Open forum

            No questions from the public.

14.       Passing of any accounts for payment:

            The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Brummell, seconded by        Councillor Court and carried unanimously.

            (a)        Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (May) - £164.28 

            (b)        HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £41.00                                  

15.       Closure of meeting

            The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 20th July 2016 at 7.30pm.

            The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.45pm. 



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