Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Councillor Philcox (family commitment).
2. Declarations of Interest
The Chairman declared personal interests in items 6(b)(i) as a member of his family is employed by the School and he is also a school governor, 6(b)(ii) as Treasurer of the Village Hall Trustees. Councillor Brummell declared personal interests in items 6(a)(i)(ii) and (iii) as a family member is the landowner, 6(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee and 7(b) as a relation is the landowner and his wife is the treasurer. Councillor Brummell said that he will not take part in any discussions or vote regarding item 7(b). Councillor Coles declared a personal interest in item 7(a) as a relation is a close neighbour. She said that she would not take part in the discussion or vote.
3. Open Forum
A resident said that the annual report is excellent.
4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (April 2014)
The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that they represented a true record of the meeting and were duly signed by the Chairman.
5. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:
(a) New Homes Bonus; defibrillator to be delivered shortly
The Chairman reported that the defibrillator and cabinet have been delivered.
ACTION: The Chairman to arrange for an electrician to install the equipment.
(b) Consultation draft Rights of Way Management Plan; response submitted
The Chairman confirmed that this has been submitted.
(c) Local Heritage Assets; update
The Chairman explained the points system outlined in the letter and it was agreed that there was no need for the Parish to respond.
6. Councillors Reports
(a) Gliding and Karting (JP/AC)
(i) Noise monitoring; data, standard procedure
No new update. It was agreed that this item can be removed from the agenda.
(ii) Gliding Club; planning consents
No new update.
ACTION: next meeting agenda item.
(iii) Karting Club; email sent to Club and resident
Councillor Coles confirmed that she has sent an email to the Club regarding the litter and traffic. The Clerk reported that she has responded to the resident.
(b) Communication (GS/RF)
(i) School
No new update.
(ii) Village Hall Trustees
No new update
(iii) Annual Report; distribution
It was reported that the annual report has been printed and distributed and is available on the website.
(c) Minerals and Alkerton HWRC (JP/MC)
(i) ROMP update
No new update
(d) Highways (RF/CB)
The Chairman said that he will be contacting the Police in Warwickshire to find out about Community Speedwatch.
ACTION: next meeting agenda item
(i) Traffic Calming; collation of information
ACTION: next meeting agenda item
(ii) Speed Survey; update
The Chairman reported that a survey has just been carried out. The response from the Karting Club regarding the data was good. The Banbury PCSO’s have been given the data. The Police have said that they will carry out speedwatch about once a month.
(iii) Pot holes (Stocking Lane) and broken path (Mill Lane); update
The Clerk reported that the pot holes have still not been inspected by the inspector and the broken path will be repaired when funds become available.
(e) Countryside (AC/MC)
(i) Signage and condition of footpaths; note in Shenington Green
Councillor Court said that she has not been able to place a note in the Shenington Green as it has not been published yet. No footpaths have been reported.
(ii) Parish Paths Wardens; update
Councillor Court confirmed that she has contacted the Warden. He is covering paths in North Oxfordshire and will look at covering paths in this parish. It was agreed that Councillor Court should mention this in the Shenington Green and ask residents for their help.
ACTION: Councillor Court to write a note for the Shenington Green
(iii) Woodland Trust Trees
Councillor Court reported that the School has applied and been successful. The trees will be delivered in the autumn.
(iv) Planting of daffodils
The Clerk confirmed that no requests have been received for the planting of daffodils on the Village Green. Any planting that takes place on the Village Green requires the permission of the Parish Council.
(f) Businesses and Services (MC/GS)
(i) Power cables and street lights; update
Councillor Smith said that she has been contacted regarding putting cables underground.
ACTION: Councillor Coles to follow up on this.
(ii) Broadband; update
No new report.
(g) Assets (DB (Shenington) and CB (Alkerton)
(i) Funding for repairs to the war memorial; quotes requested
The Clerk confirmed that she has sent an email to the District Council saying that we are obtaining quotes and will forward information to them shortly. She further confirmed that one stonemason has looked at the memorial and said that it needs a clean and the lettering strengthening. He also commented on the brickwork. He said that he would put a quote in the post. Councillor Brummell said that he would ask a builder to look at the brickwork and provide a quote. Councillor Court said that she would also ask a builder to look at the brickwork.
ACTION: Councillors Brummell and Court to ask builders to provide quotes for securing the brickwork.
(ii) Bus Shelter; update
Councillor Brummell reported that the work will take place on the bus shelter next week.
(iii) Emergency Plan
The Chairman said that he has received 2 emergency packs from Western Power.
ACTION: Mention in the Shenington Green.
(iv) Asset Register; updates
The Clerk confirmed that she has updated the asset register.
7. To receive planning applications
Councillor Coles said that she would not take part or vote in item 7(a).
(a) 14/00513/F - Mullinahogie, Well Lane
No comments or objections.
Councillor Brummell said that he would not take part or vote in item 7(b)
(b) 14/00395/F - Shenington Gliding Club
Councillors discussed this application and agreed that they would like the nursery to have a travel plan and encourage parents not to drive through the village. Councillors agreed not to raise any comments or objections to this application. They agreed that they would like to work with the nursery.

8. To receive results of planning applications
(a) 14/00071/TCA - Holy Trinity Church - granted
(b) 14/00263/LB - Brook Cottage, Well Lane - granted
(c) 14/00262/F - Brook Cottage, Well Lane - granted

9. To receive correspondence
(a) Parish Liaison; agenda items plus affordable housing update
The meeting is on the 18th June. The Chairman said that he is able to attend.
(b) OALC April Members update
Circulated via email.
(c) Oxfordshire Local Transport Consultation
The Chairman had circulated prior to the meeting a draft response. It was agreed that this response should be submitted.
ACTION: The Chairman to submit the response.
Circulated to councillors via email.
(e) Letter from resident re. traffic and parking issues
The Chairman read the contents of the letter. Councillors agreed that the parking and traffic issues mentioned in the letter are outside the control of the Parish Council.
ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the resident.
(f) Letter re. nursery planning application
Discussed under item 7(b).
(g) Destination Management Plan for Tourism
Councillor Smith said that she has read this document and has no comments.
The Parish Council agreed not to respond.
8.50pm District Councillor Webb joins the meeting.
(h) Letter re. overhanging vegetation
The Chairman reported that a letter has been received regarding overhanging vegetation in Alkerton. Councillor Coles said that the resident has agreed to cut some of the vegetation by hand but the hedging will be cut back in either August or September when the birds have finished nesting.
ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the resident.
(i) CPRE; proposed housing figures for Cherwell
This was circulated via email. Councillors agreed to oppose the housing figures and write to Cherwell District Council.
ACTION: The Chairman to draft a letter, circulate to councillors and submit.
10. Financial/Adminstration Report
(a) Bank balances
The Clerk confirmed the following balances:
Community Account - £8,219.77
Business Account - £7,210.71
(b) Works to fallen tree near War Memorial; OCC to refund Parish
The Clerk reported that Oxfordshire County Council have confirmed that they own the land behind the war memorial. They have agreed to reimburse the parish for the cost of removing the tree which fell near the war memorial.
11. Second Open Forum
A resident mentioned that the traffic is to the surgery more than to the school. He asked if we know where the traffic coming through the village goes to. The Chairman said that we did not. Highways should have a 5 to 10 year plan for improvements/repairs to our roads.
ACTION: The Clerk to write to Highways requesting a copy of the plan.
12. Passing of any accounts for payment:
The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Coles, seconded by Councillor Court and carried unanimously.
(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (April) - £160.85.
(b) HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £40.00

13. Closure of meeting
The Annual Parish Assembly will be held on 29th May 2014 at 7.30pm and will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm.

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