Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Councillors Brummell (business commitment) and Porter (business commitment).
2. Declarations of Interest
The Chairman declared personal interests in items 6(b)(i) as a member of his family is employed by the School and he is also a school governor, 6(b)(ii) as Treasurer of the Village Hall Trustees. The Chairman asked if the agenda could be rearranged as District Councillor Webb had to leave early to attend another meeting.  This was agreed.
7. District and County Councillor Report
District Councillor Webb made councillors aware of the issue with Wroxton quarry when too much human waste was spread on the land.  The Parish Council said that they were not aware of any plans for human waste to be spread at Alkerton landfill site but if plans were submitted for this then they agreed that Oxfordshire County Council would be asked to monitor it.
Neighbourhood Action Group meeting was cancelled.
ACTION: District Councillor Webb to let Councillor Buchanan know when the next meeting will be.
No update on the planning for the Gliding Club.
Councillor Webb passed a copy of Highways Asset Management Plan 2014/15 to the Parish Council.  It was noted that no work was scheduled in the parish in 2014/15.
7.50pm District Councillor Webb leaves the meeting.
3. Open Forum
A resident said that the poppy collection from the village and school was carried out by the school children.  The total amount raised was £160.
The resident said that he was impressed by the work which has taken place on the war memorial.
Councillor Phillips asked if we could research the names on the war memorial.
4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (October 2014)
The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the minutes represented a true record of the meeting and were duly signed by the Chairman.  
5. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:
 (a) Defibrillator; update
The Chairman said that Councillor Brummell was investigating illuminating the keys.
ACTION: Councillor Brummell to investigate.
Councillor Porter was investigating a shade over the current light to deflect the light.  The Chairman said that a resident was also looking into this.
ACTION: Councillor Porter to investigate.
The Chairman confirmed that the Village Hall Trustees will include the annual electrical defibrillator check with the village hall electrical check.
The Trustees have said that they will monitor the electric usage of the defibrillator and then agree a cost with the Parish Council.
Training will be organised for early next year.
ACTION: The Clerk to obtain possible dates for training.
(b) Post boxes
The Chairman said that he has spoken to the postman who has not heard that our post boxes are at risk.
6. Councillors Reports
(a) Outsider Organisations 
(i)  Gliding Club; planning consents update
See item 7.
(ii)  Karting Club; traffic
It was agreed that the Chairman would liaise with the Karting Club to try and establish if the Club would be able to act if residents provided registration numbers of vehicles travelling through the village.  Representation from the Club would be needed in the village on the race day.  Marshalls could direct traffic away from the village at the exit gates.
ACTION: The Chairman to liaise with the Karting Club.
(b)   Communication
21st November is the deadline for the Shenington Green.  It was agreed that the Chairman would prepare a report plus a note on the defibrillator.
(i)  School
No new update.
(ii)  Village Hall Trustees
No new report.
(iii) NAG update
See item 7.  Meeting was cancelled.
(c) Highways
(i)  Traffic Calming; collation of information
ACTION: The Chairman and Councillor Buchanan to collate
(ii) Speed Survey; data sent to traffic police
It was agreed that the Chairman would speak to Highways about this data.
ACTION: The Chairman to liaise with Highways.
(d) Countryside
(i) Planting of daffodils on the Village Green; planting schedule
ACTION: The Clerk to find out where daffodils have been planted.
(e) Services 
(i) Power cables and street lights; update
Councillor Smith said that they hoped to be finished by first quarter next year.
ACTION: Councillor Smith to find out the timescale for Alkerton poles.
(f) Assets 
(i) War Memorial repairs update
The repairs have been completed.
8. To receive planning applications
(a) 14/01733/F - Hill Farm, Shenington
No comments or objections.
(b) 14/01734/LB - Hill Farm, Shenington
No comments or objections
(c) 14/01632/OUT - The Surgery, Stocking Lane
Councillors agreed to raise the following concerns; 2 houses could be an overdevelopment of the site, the surgery could need to expand to take account of the extra houses being built in South Warwickshire in which case the parking area would be required, low water pressure on Stocking Lane and outside the village boundary.
ACTION: The Clerk to respond to Cherwell Planning Department.
(d) 14/00326/TCA - Holy Trinity Church
No comments or objections.
(e) 14/01794/F - The Well Cottage, Well Lane
No comments or objections.
9. To receive results from planning applications
(a) 14/01422/F - The Limes, The Green; granted
(b) 14/01423/LB - The Limes, The Green; granted
(c) 14/01340/F - The Cottage, Kenhill Road; granted
(d) 14/00326/TCA - Holy Trinity Church; granted
10. To receive correspondence
(a) OALC Members update
Circulated to councillors via email.
(b) CDC; Local Heritage Assets
(c) OCC; maintenance of roundabouts and verges
(d) Oxfordshire Family History Society re. war memorial
The Clerk was asked to respond letting them know that the Gliding Club has information relating to the airfield and the Church relating to Shenington War Memorial.
ACTION: The Clerk to respond.
(e) North Oxfordshire Ironstone Liaison Committee; minutes
The minutes state that Alkerton quarry is temporarily closed due to market conditions.  Oxfordshire County Council is still waiting to hear from the Secretary of State for confirmation of the prohibition.
(f) Submissions of proposed modifications to the Cherwell Local Plan
Submitted in October.
(g) Southern Electric Power Distribution; customer and community adviser
It was agreed that Councillor Smith would discuss with Councillor Brummell to decide how to move this forward.  They would also involve the surgery.
ACTION: Councillors Smith and Brummell to investigate.
(h) SITA UK - Alkerton Landfill (proposed planning application)
Councillors agreed that they had no issues with this application.
(i) Mobile library consultation
Closing date end of December.  It was agreed that the Chairman would look into this.
ACTION: The Chairman to investigate.
(j) Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally
Circulated to councillors via email.
(k) Local Health Services in North Oxfordshire
Circulated to councillors via email.
11. Financial/Adminstration Report
(a) Bank balances
The Clerk confirmed the following balances:
Community Account - £4,155.83
Business Account - £7,212.58
(b) Bank reconciliation
This was circulated to councillors prior to the meeting.  A copy is attached to these minutes.
(c) Barclays Bank; £200 inconvenience payment
It was agreed that this would be accepted once the banking arranging have been sorted to our satisfaction.
(d) To consider moving the bank accounts
ACTION: December agenda item.
12. Second open forum
No questions.
13. Passing of any accounts for payment:
The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Court, seconded by Councillor Smith and carried unanimously.
(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (October) - £160.85.  
(b) HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £40.00
(c) J & M Humphries - work to the war memorial - £445.50
(d) Mr. N. Brooks - grass cutting expenses - £232.37
(e) Mr. L. Wilson - repairs to the paving by the war memorial - £420.00
14. Closure of meeting
Next meeting on 10th December at 7.30pm.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm.  

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