Shenington  with Alkerton Parish



1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Councillors Buchanan (business commitment), Phillips (personal commitment) and Smith (business commitment).
2. Declarations of Interest
The Chairman declared personal interests in items 6(b)(i) as a member of his family is employed by the School and he is also a school governor, 6(b)(ii) as Treasurer of the Village Hall Trustees. Councillor Brummell declared personal interests in items 5(d), 6(a)(i) and 6(a)(ii) as a family member is the landowner and 6(b)(ii) as a Trustee and 8(d) as he knows the applicant.   Councillor Court declared a personal interest in item 8(d) as she knows the applicant.  Councillor Porter declared a pecuniary interest in item 10(d) as a nearby landowner. 
3. Open Forum
A resident said that he would be handling the donations for the poppies this year.
Concern was expressed at the planning application relating to the conversion of a barn to a dwelling.
4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (September 2014)
The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the minutes represented a true record of the meeting and were duly signed by the Chairman.  
5. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:
(a) Defibrillator; update
The Chairman confirmed that a rota for inspecting the defibrillator has been organised.
7.50pm Councillor Porter joins the meeting.
Several options were discussed for lighting to enable users to see the keypad.   Lit keys were a possibility although concern was expressed that this might need a power source.
ACTION: Councillor Brummell to investigate.
A shade over the current light deflecting the light was also considered.
ACTION: The Chairman and Councillor Porter to investigate.
The Chairman confirmed that he would discuss the annual test with the Village Hall Trustees when they next meeting.  It was also agreed that the cost of the electricity should be discussed.
ACTION: The Chairman to discuss with the Village Hall Trustees.
It was agreed that information regarding the use of the defibrillator should be placed in the Shenington Green.  The Clerk confirmed that the parish would be entitled to 1 training session. It was agreed that a training session should be organised and advertised in the Shenington Green.  Posters should be placed around the parish.
ACTION: The Chairman to organise the article for the Shenington Green and the posters.  The Clerk and the Chairman to organise a date for the training session.
(b) Highways response re. 5-10 year plan
District Councillor Webb explained that he is working with County Councillor Reynolds to try to get the County Council to focus on repairs to rural roads.
(c) Barclays Bank; response
The Clerk reported that the situation with Barclays Bank is far from satisfactory.  We have been appointed an ‘Executive Complaints Senior Investigator’ to assist us.  He has advised that we need to complete yet another bank mandate form.  The Chairman requested that change of bank account be added to November’s agenda.
ACTION: November agenda item.
(d) Karting traffic; response sent to resident
The Clerk confirmed that a response would be sent to the resident in the next couple of days.
(e)` Emergency Planning; annual parish survey - response sent
The Clerk confirmed that a copy of our emergency plan has been sent.
6. Councillors Reports
(a) Outsider Organisations 
(i)  Gliding Club; planning consents update
District Councillor Webb reported that the Gliding Club planning consents are being looked into.
(ii)  Karting Club; traffic
Councillor Court said that the Karting Club has put 2 signs up to direct vehicles.  She has also asked for a sign to be erected at the Alkerton crossroads on race days.  The Club has said that if we could supply registration numbers of vehicles travelling through the parish then the Club would try and act on this information.  However, they would need this information on the same day otherwise they would be unable to trace the owner of the vehicle.  
(iii) Parish land ownership; clarification
The Chairman explained that Councillor Phillips had said that she has been told by residents that parts of the Village Green have been taken over by residents.  It was agreed that this has not taken place since the Green was registered.
(b)   Communication
(i)  School
No new update.
(ii)  Village Hall Trustees
No new report.
(c) Highways
(i)  Traffic Calming; collation of information
ACTION: The Chairman to collate
(ii) Speed Survey; data sent to Banbury Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
The Clerk was asked to send this data to the Traffic Police.
ACTION: The Clerk to send to the Traffic Police
(iii) Speed Watch; update
The Chairman reported that the Police equipment is currently broken.
8.35pm County Councillor Reynolds joins the meeting.
(d) Countryside
The Chairman confirmed that he has spoken to the Social Committee.  The daffodils will be planted on the edges and in the rough area.  It was agreed that the Parish Council should see a planting schedule.  Councillor Porter said that he would request one.
  ACTION: Councillor Porter to ask for a planting schedule
(e) Services 
(i) Power cables and street lights; update
No new report.
(f) Assets 
(i) Grant for repairs to the War Memorial update
The Clerk reported that the District Council has agreed to fund the cleaning, restoration and paving costs associated with the War Memorial.  The cost would cover the cheapest quote for cleaning and restoration. 
7. District and County Councillor Reports
(a) Social Housing
District Councillor Webb said that the District has a policy on social housing which is available on the website.  Every development in excess of 5 houses must include 33% social housing.  The District Council keeps a list of people requiring accommodation and when a property becomes available they look at the list.  The criteria for determining who should be offered accommodation is on the website.
8. To receive planning applications
(a) 14/01423/LB  - The Limes, The Green
No comments or objections.
(b) 14/01422/F - The Limes, The Green
No comments or objections
(c) 14/00147/PAMB - Land south west of Dairy Ground Cottages, Mill Lane
Councillors agreed to object to this application as the building is being used for agricultural machinery and animal fodder.  This is a relatively new steel framed building and councillors do not believe that the legislation is intended for this type of building.  Finally concern was expressed as to the animals that are grazing on the 14 acres.  Where are they going to be housed in poor weather, ill health or the lambing season.  District Councillor Webb said that the District Planning Officers were looking carefully at the new legislation relating to the conversion of agricultural buildings to dwellings.  He said that he would support our objection.
(d) 14/01533/F - The Bell, The Green
Councillors agreed unanimously to object to this application as they understood from the applicant’s agents that for The Bell to be viable the rent from the cottage was essential.  Selling the cottage would mean that The Bell would no longer be viable and the parish could lose their only pub.  It was further agreed that The Bell is a vital community asset.  It was proposed that if this application is approved then a condition should be placed on the application whereby the proceeds from the sale of the cottage should be reinvested in The Bell.
ACTION: The Clerk to respond to planning.
(e) 14/00261/TCA - Oriel High, Stocking Lane
No comments or objections.
9. To receive results from planning applications
(a) 14/01172/F - Riverside Cottage - granted
(b) 14/00274/TCA - Honeysuckle Cottage, The Green  - granted
(c) 14/00257/TCA - Cotman House - granted
(d) 14/00261/TCA - Oriel High, Stocking Lane - granted
(e) 14/01220/F - Barn Cottage, The Limes - withdrawn
(f) 14/01221/LB - Barn Cottage, The Limes - withdrawn
10. To receive correspondence
(a) OALC Members update
The Chairman mentioned the census information and training courses.  The Clerk confirmed that this information has been circulated to all councillors.
(b) Post boxes
The Chairman reported that Royal Mail is closing post boxes.  Concern has been expressed that Alkerton might be closed.  It was agreed that Alkerton should not be closed and this message should be passed to the postman.
ACTION: Councillors to mention to the postman
(c) Cherwell Boundary Review
A timetable has been issued and circulated to councillors.
Councillor Porter did not take part in this discussion
(d) Cherwell District Council re. solar panels
The Clerk reported that she has received a response to our letter to the District Council.  The District Council considers the siting of solar panels on the roof, in this particular case, does not cause undue harm
11. Financial/Adminstration Report
(a) Bank balances
The Clerk confirmed the following balances:
Community Account - £4,470.92
Business Account - £7,211.61
(b) Bank reconciliation
The Clerk said that she would forward this shortly.
ACTION: The Clerk to forward to councillors
(c) Risk Assessment
A draft assessment had been circulated prior to the meeting.  It was agreed that this should be approved.  A copy is attached to these minutes.
(d) Bank Mandate Form
The Clerk explained that Barclays Bank has said that they can’t process the form we have already completed because it contains details of a councillor who is no longer on the Parish Council.  A new form was completed and a copy is attached to these minutes.
(e) Approval of expenditure to the War Memorial; CDC grant request
It was agreed that J & M Humphries should be asked to clean and restore the War Memorial as per their quote.  It was further agreed that the contractor who is able to repair the paving at the earliest date should be awarded the contract.
ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for the work to take place
12. Second open forum
No questions.
13. Passing of any accounts for payment:
The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Court, seconded by Councillor Brummell and carried unanimously.
(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (September) - £160.85.  
(b) HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £40.00
(c) Mrs. C. Hill - expenses (Jul-Sept) - £84.24
(d) Royal British Legion - wreath (section 137) - £30.00
14. Closure of meeting
Next meeting on 12th November at 7.30pm.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.  

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