Shenington  with Alkerton Parish


 PRESENTCOUNCILLORS:  R. FURNEAUX (CHAIRMAN), D. BRUMMELL, C. BUCHANAN, A. COURT, G. SMITH, B. MUNDIGIAN from Physio Control (item 2 only) and 5 members of the public

1.         Apologies for absence

            Apologies were received from Cllr. Porter (business commitment).

2.         Physio Control on behalf of Arrhythmia Alliance providing training on the use of the defibrillator

            Mr. Mundigian demonstrated how to use the defibrillator.  He explained that if you are on your own another member of the CAD system can help you.

            ACTION: The Chairman to check to make sure we are registered with the CAD system.

            The Chairman thanked Mr. Mundigian for attending the meeting.  Mr. Mundigian and 3 residents left the meeting.

3.         Declarations of Interest

            The Chairman declared personal interests in items 7(b)(i) as a school governor and a member of his family is employed at the school and 7(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee.  Councillor Brummell declared personal interests in  items 7(a)(i), (ii) and (iii) as a family member owns the land. He also declared a personal     interest in item 7(b)(ii) as a Village Hall Trustee.  

4.         Open forum

            A resident mentioned the dog fouling bins and said that he believed ‘naming and shaming’ is the only way to stop dog fouling.  He said that there was a lot of dog  fouling on the Kenhill Road.  The Chairman explained that the dog warden had  highlighted Stocking   Lane as one of the worst in his patch.  The resident said that he  did not believe dog bins work. 

5.         Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (July)

            The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that Cllr. Porter arrived in the meeting at 7.35pm and not 7.30pm.  The minutes were amended.  Cllr. Court proposed that they be accepted, seconded and agreed unanimously.  The  minutes were signed by the Chairman. 

6.         Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings:

            (a)        Dog waste bins; quote, response from article

                        The Clerk was asked if she could contact the dog warden to find out if there  has been any improvement in dog fouling on Stocking Lane.  She was also  asked to find out if we need permission from County Highways to erect a dog waste bin.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to contact the dog warden.

            (b)        Supported Transport Consultation

                        Councillors agreed to support the joint response with Wroxton and Balscote,

                        ACTION: The Clerk to inform Wroxton and Balscote Parish Clerk.

            (c)        The Surgery planning application; response from the Planning Department

                        The Clerk confirmed that she has written to Bob Duxbury at Cherwell                                Planning Department.

7.         Councillors Reports

            (a)        Outsider Organisations

                        (i)  Gliding Club; planning consents update

                        ACTION: October agenda item.    

                        (ii)  Karting Club; planning consent

                        District Councillor Webb has received some of the conditions.

                        (iii) Karting Club; meeting date

                        ACTION: October agenda item

            (b)        Communication

                        (i)  School; update

                        No new report.

                        (ii)  Village Hall Trustees update

                        No new report.

                        (iii) North Oxon PC Group Meeting; 14th September

                        The Chairman and Councillor Smith to attend.

                        (iv) Cherwell Parish Liaison Meeting; 11th November

                        ACTION: October agenda item

                        (v) NAG update

                        Councillor Buchanan to attend the 15th March meeting.

            (c)        Highways

                        It was suggested that mirrors on the bend in Alkerton might improve road safety.

                        (i)  Traffic Calming; report updated

                        The Chairman and Councillor Buchanan confirmed that they have discussed the modifications.  The updated report will be circulated to councillors.  The Clerk to contact Councillor Webb to find out if the Parish Council can use the ordinance survey maps in this report. 

                        ACTION: The Chairman to circulate the modified report.  The Clerk to  contact Councillor Webb to find out if the Parish Council is able to use  the ordinance survey maps.

                        (ii) Speed monitoring dates

                        ACTION: Councillor Buchanan to discuss at the next NAG.

                        (iii) Christmas Corner; response from Highways

                        The Chairman had circulated a response from Highways saying that the roads are inspected every 6 months and this road is OK.

            (d)       Countryside

                        (i) Mowing the Village Green

                        ACTION: October agenda item.

                        (ii) Bio diversity; volunteer update

                        The Chairman reported that we do not have a volunteer.

            (e)        Services

                        (i) Power cables, telephone cables and street lights; update

                        No new update.

            (f)        Assets

                        (i) Grass cutting risk assessment

                        ACTION: October agenda item.

            (g)        Emergency Planning

                        No new report.

8.         District and County Councillors Reports

            No new reports.    

9.         To receive planning applications

            (a)        15/01352/F - Oriel High, Stocking Lane

                        Councillors discussed this application and agreed to comment that this application might impact on the setting of a listed building.  Concern was also expressed that Stocking Lane is narrow and busy with school and surgery traffic.  If this application is approved then this Parish Council would like to  see a condition regarding hours of work.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

            (b)        15/01307/F - The Well Cottage, Well Lane

                        No comments or objections.

            (c)        15/01199/LB - Penny Cottage, 3 Manor Farm Cottages, Alkerton

                        No comments or objections.

            (d)       15/01198/F - Penny Cottage, 3 Manor Farm Cottages, Alkerton

                        No comments or objections.

            (e)        15/01156/LB - The Limes, The Green

                        No comments or objections.

            (f)        15/01155/F - The Limes, The Green

                        No comments or objections.

            (g)        15/00224/TCA - Cotman House

                        No comments or objections.

            (h)        15/00241/TCA - The Cottage, Kenhill Road

                        No comments or objections.

10.       To receive results of planning applications

            (a)        15/01199/LB - Penny Cottage, 3 Manor Farm Cottages, Alkerton; granted.

            (b)        15/01198/F - Penny Cottage, 3 Manor Farm Cottages, Alkerton; granted.

            (c)        15/00224/TCA - Cotman House; granted.

            (d)       15/00003/F - Oriel High, Stocking Lane; granted.

            (e)        15/01155/F - The Limes, The Green; refused.

            (f)        15/01156/LB - The Limes, The Green; refused.

            (g)        15/00720/OBL - Alkerton House, Well Lane; granted.

            (h)        15/00159/LB - The Limes, The Green; granted.

            (i)         15/00158/F - The Limes, The Green; granted.                    

11.       To receive correspondence

            (a)        OALC members update

                        Circulated via email. 

            (b)        email re. parking on the Village Green

                        The Clerk reported that she had received a request for parking on the Village Green.  The Village Green is protected and so the Parish Council has a duty to protect the green and can’t permit parking as cars could damage the green.

            (c)        email re. gate on footpath

                        The Chairman said that the gate has now been moved and is not obstructing  he footpath.  The Chairman to respond to the resident.

                        ACTION: The Chairman to respond to the resident.

            (d)       email re. bonfires

                        The Clerk explained that she has received an email from a resident regarding   bonfires on the allotments.  The allotments are owned and managed by the  PCC and so the resident has been referred to the churchwardens.

            (e)        Invitation to Leader of OCC event; 21st September

                        No councillors are able to attend.

            (f)        Household Waste Recycling Centres Consultation

                        It was agreed that Councillor Smith would prepare a response and circulate to                    councillors for comments.

                        ACTION: Councillor Smith to draft a response and circulate to                                     councillors for comments.

            (g)        SDC Core Strategy Proposed Modifications

                        It was agreed that this Parish Council would not comment on this document.

            (h)        email re. sign

                        The Chairman confirmed that he has spoken to the owner of the sign and                           responded to the resident who raised this issue.

            (i)         Thames Water; locating pumps

                        It was agreed that details should be forwarded to our website administrator for the website.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to forward to the website administrator.

            (j)         Invitation to Children’s Early Intervention Services Event

            (k)        OCC invitation to Working Together event; 21st September

                        No councillors are able to attend.

            (l)         Minerals and Waste Local Plan

                        It was agreed that we would submit a joint response with Wroxton and                              Balscote Parish Council.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to arrange.               


12.       Financial/Adminstration Report

            (a)        Bank account balances

                        The Clerk confirmed the following balances:

                        Community Account - £4,237.28

                        Business Account - £7,215.28

            (b)        Bank reconciliation

                        The Clerk to circulate to councillors.

                        ACTION: October agenda item.

            (c)        To consider approving and accepting the Annual Return

                        The Clerk reported that the external auditor has completed the audit and that there were no matters requiring attention. It was agreed that the Annual Return  should be approved and accepted. 

                        ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for the Annual Return to be displayed on  the website and the Notice of Conclusion of Audit to be displayed on the  noticeboard and website.

            (d)       Cost of remembrance service wreaths

                        The Clerk confirmed that the cost would be £34.

            (e)        Bank Mandate Form

                        The Clerk reported that Barclays Bank has requested that Cllr. Court sign the  form again as a new signatory.  Cllr. Court signed the form and a letter stating  that her signature has changed over time.  A copy of the amended form is attached to these minutes.

                        ACTION: The Clerk to forward the amended form and letter to Barclays Bank.

 13.       Open forum

            No questions from the public.

 14.       Passing of any accounts for payment:

            The following accounts were proposed by Councillor Court, seconded by Councillor  Brummell and carried unanimously.

            (a)        Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s fee (August) - £164.28 

            (b)        HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) - £41.00

            (c)        Mrs. C. Hill - expenses (Jul-Sep) - £100.78

            (d)       SWAPCC - churchyard maintenance - £400.00

            (e)        SWAVHCT - hire of hall (Apr-Jun) - £30.00                   

15.       Closure of meeting

            Next meeting on 14th October 2015 at 7.30pm.

            The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm.                                                 

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