Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

The village school was established on its former site under a trust in 1871. The land on which it was built was donated by the Provost and Scholars of Oriel College “under the Authority of an Act passed in the Fifth year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria  to afford further facilities for the Conveyance and Endowment of Sites of Schools” 
The Minister and Churchwardens and their successors became trustees with authority to permit the site and all buildings erected on it to be used as a School “for the education of Children and Adults or Children only of the laboring manufacturing and other poorer class in the parish of Shenington aforesaid and for no other purpose.“
Things have changed over the last 144 years. In particular, the school has a new building on a new site and the old trust deed is so much out of date that the current trustees were happy to agree to transferring their role to the Diocesan Trustees (Oxford) Limited who purchased the site for the new school. The new trust deed has been lodged in the school safe. The old deed remains archived in the church

1 October,  2001

a) There will be no future restrictions on the land upon which the school
buildings are to be erected. For the avoidance of doubt this land is
shown cross hatched yellow on the sale plan.
b) The vendors will use their best endeavours to ensure, so far as they
are able, that neither they nor any tenant (at present or in the future
and over whom they have, in any event, limited control) use the
vendors' adjoining land to the south east and their adjoining land to
the north west for any permanent agricultural use which will create
noxious smells. For the avoidance of doubt this proposed restriction
would prohibit the use of the land for pigs or poultry houses or silage
c) No permanent buildings other than a building for storage or a sports
pavilion shall be erected on the land cross hatched in green on the
sale plan.
The purchasers shall be responsible for erecting stock proof fences between points
A. Band C (whatever - TBC) on the sale plan. The purchasers shall also be
responsible for forever after maintaining all boundary fences.
The purchasers shall supply the vendors with a metered water supply for agricultural
purposes into their adjoining land.
The purchasers will pay the vendors' agents' cost based on 2% of the purchase price
plus VAT. They will also pay the vendors' solicitors' costs of £1 ,750 plus VAT.
In the event that the proposed school is closed then the vendors retain an option to
purchase the land used as playing fields and for recreational purposes at the then
current agricultural value.


The school's  partnership with parents, carers and members of the community was judged to be “Outstanding” which reflects the hard work of all the staff, including administrative staff, in ensuring there are strong links with the community.
The school was judged to be “Outstanding” with our care, support and guidance provision. Thanks are due to  all of the  staff and governors and also the members of the PTA who have worked so hard to make this happen.
We are thrilled with the outcomes of the visit, which was earlier than the usual three years. However, it reflects the excellent practice and provision in place at the moment and this also reinforces our action points and aims for the future of our school.
To download a copy of the
OFSTED report click on the hyperlink.

In addition to the OFSTED  inspection the school was inspected by the SIAS to assess it's quality as a Church of England school. The key points of this report are:
The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Shenington as a Church of England school are outstanding.

  • The school through its distinctive Christian character is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners.
  • The impact of collective worship on the school community is outstanding.
  • The headteacher is an inspirational leader, whose commitment and drive provides clear direction for the development of the school.

    To download a copy of the
    SIAS report click on the hyperlink.


The school has a web site that is well worth visiting.

It is well endowed with colourful photos and drawings including views of the outside trail and the school gardening club’s “allotment” as well as a lot of useful information about the school.

It can be found at

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