Shenington  with Alkerton Parish

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The Village Hall was given in trust by the Earl of Jersey circa 1910 for a reading room and library, for use by the inhabitants of the area of benefit without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for:
(a) meetings, lectures and classes; and
(b) other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.


Formally, from 1911 to 2001, the trustees of the village hall were the parish councillors acting as a corporate body, as both 'holding' and 'management' trustees.

Now the parish council has become the 'custodian trustee' i.e. the technical legal owner holding the legal title to the property, but making no management decisions. Those are taken only by a committee of management, currently made up of 'appointed members' of the currently principal users (including the parish council) + 3 members elected at AGMs. Two further members may be co-opted.

The committee of management has the responsibility as well as the power to run the finances, establish a sinking fund for contingencies, to maintain and look after the hall and establish appropriate charges and raise monies. It can even decide it wants to sell the village hall, although it has first to convince a local public meeting and to satisfy the Commission that it will better meet the charity's objects in a better place, because disposal of charity land is subject to legal and Commission procedures.

All trustees, regardless of how they are appointed and where they live, must act in the best interests of the charity i.e. the village hall: they are not there to represent the views of their user organisation. No trustee can have a personal interest:, receive benefit in money or kind from the charity, nor have a financial interest in the supply of goods or services to the charity.


Chairman - David Brummell 
Treasurer - Robin Furneaux
Bookings - Ann Benham
Secretary - Carole Young
Ben Cunow

Doreen Smith 

The Trustee's web site is


The village hall is now available for daytime hire at very reasonable rates, namely £5 per hour for residents,  £7 per hour for non-residents. Please contact  Ann Benham (tel 01295 670208)


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The objectives of the Committee are to:

1. Sponsor and organise functions both in the Village Hall and elsewhere in the village and its neighbourhood for the entertainment of members of the villages and the improvement of a community spirit.

2. Raise money when needed for the development of the Village Hall.


Chairman - Ann Benham
Treasurer - Sorrel Allott
Secretary - Maria Evans
Alex Kendell-Taylor 
Denise Porter
Lyn Gosney

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